I have been lucky in my career to have a variety of roles, from deep technical expertise to senior level management. I really like the inflection point where technology meets business problems, believing that technology mastery aids in delivery on the promise an organisation makes its customers. I am always looking for challenging roles which leverage my unique experience and talents.

I am a dual US/UK citizen. I am a permanent resident of Australia.

Principal Technologist

ThoughtWorks — Melbourne, Australia — Jan 2018 - Present

Starting out in a new role providing senior technology leadership to clients.

Chief Technology Officer

SitePen, Inc. — Aug 2015 – Dec 2017

An approximately 30-person company focused on delivering enterprise web applications. I have been responsible for leading the software engineering and engaging with our clients on their architecture. I also lead our growth into more business consulting with of focus on helping large enterprises adopt open source methodologies to scale their enterprise development.

I also have been the project lead for Dojo 2 (dojo.io). Dojo 2 is a total re-invention of Dojo 1 and is a front-end web framework focused on enabling delivery of modern enterprise web applications at scale. This role has meant I have become very involved with Microsoft’s TypeScript language and have in depth knowledge of web technologies including the standards bodies that support them.

Head of Technology

NOW TV — London, UK — Sep 2014 – Aug 2015

A truly unique opportunity in my life was to lead technology for NOW TV. NOW TV was Sky TV’s response to Netflix entering the UK market, but soon after I joined, we realised that there was a much broader focus for NOW TV. NOW TV offered the best pay TV in the UK on your terms.

I was responsible for around 120 technologists across multiple disciplines. The NOW TV grew its customer base about four-fold in the two years I was responsible. We also started the process of extending the business into broadband during my tenure. While the role was almost exclusively management, my technical depth allowed me to understand the challenges facing my teams better as well as guide the business in a direction where technology was an enabler, not a barrier.

NOW TV was very demanding, because not only were we offering large scale over the top television, but because we were evolving in our business purpose, it was very challenging to continue to meet the high expectations of our customers. We had to make highly complex technology work perfectly every time a customer pressed play. Because it was so easy to join NOW TV also reduced the barriers to leave. This creates the need to have products that exceed expectations.

Head of Technology

Sky Business — Livingston, UK — May 2010 – Aug 2013

I took over a failing programme of work to deliver a new customer management system. I successfully delivered the programme and then transitioned the programme team to an efficient business as usual support model. We went from a project team of about 160 who were mostly contractors to a team of about 65 who were 90% employees. It was a challenge to take something that was designed with abstract best of breed technologies into something that was a reasonable solution that meet the business needs to service Sky’s commercial customers.


Asseverate Services Ltd. — London, UK — Oct 2009 – May 2010

Ultimately a transitional period, where I continued to work for Sky. I was focused primarily continued stabilisation and roll-out of the contact centre solution we deployed for them as part of my work for Dimension Data. In additional to technical expertise, there was need for organisational design to build an internal team at Sky which could effectively manage the large, complex contact centre solution.

Practice Solution Architect

Dimension Data — London, UK — Dec 2006 – Oct 2009

I moved full-time to the UK in November 2006 and joined Dimension Data in the UK less than a month later. Dimension Data wanted to grow their call centre consulting business in the UK and had landed a major contract at Sky to roll out the largest installation at that time of Genesys as a fully Voice over IP solution. It needed to scale to 4,000+ users on a global footprint. I led the architecture of the solution and we handed over to the in-house deployment team. I continued to architect other solutions, travelling globally working with other customers for Dimension Data.

The solution at Sky though ran into scalability issues which resulted in several frequent outages, several times a week. Because of my expertise and knowledge, I was requested to go up to Scotland to work with crisis team at Sky to resolve the issues.

Senior Principal Consultant

eLoyalty — Lake Forest, IL, USA — Jan 1998 – Sep 2006

I joined eLoyalty as a Consultant and continued to grow into more senior roles. I wanted to travel globally, and I was put on projects in varied locations across the US and Hong Kong, Hamburg, Belfast, Paris, and Dublin. I touched most technologies that were present in customer contact centres, though my main specialty was large scale global call routing solutions.

Previous Roles Upon Request


I graduated Cactus High School in Glendale, Arizona in 1991. I attended a semester at Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona in 1992, but did not earn a degree.


I have had several public speaking engagements, on a wide variety of topics. I have been most prolific at SkillsMatter, where a number of my talks are available to view.

I became a committer to the Dojo Toolkit in 2010 and became was the project lead of Dojo 2 in from August 2015 until December 2017. I am responsible for a couple other open source projects and contribute regularly to other open source projects including TypeScript.