As you might have guessed, this is my personal website. I am 40 something-ish technologist. I live in Melbourne, though I was born and raised in the US and spent 11 years living in the UK.

I am a recovering 7ft cactus, as during my senior year of high school, I decided to try-out to be our high school mascot, and well, they felt I was qualified enough to crawl into a giant cactus and run around. Not only did it traumatize me, but also several small children.

These days, I live with my husband. We have been together for about 19 years.

Tech and Talks

I used to be the project lead for Dojo 2, a web framework focused on making enterprise web application development better. Currently, in my spare time, I am a core contributor to Deno.

I have given a number of talks on various topics over the years, if you are curious: