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Home Secretary Proposes Foreigner Clampdown

Mr. Reid suggested yesterday on the BBC that there be a clamp down on illegal migrants.

The thing that frustrates me is that he uses terms like "thieves" and "throwing out" in relation to immigrants, without clarifying the continuing confusion that the average Briton has about migrants. Most people in the UK do not understand the distinction between EU migrants, legal immigrants, asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. In my opinion, lots of the frustration at the moment is from EU migrants that the UK does not fully control. Members of EU ascension states have flooded into the UK at levels that were unexpected, straining social ties and integration, but the UK is incumbered from putting restrictions and limitations on these types of migrants.

Therefore the Home Office continues to try absurd solution, like mandatory civil service and ID carding all foreigners in the country in order to appear to be doing something. While Mr. Reid suggests that over 400,000 people last year we denied entry to the UK, the Home Office refuses to publish publicly statistics about where these people came from or the reason for their denial.

We need real, workable, solutions to migration issues and not lump the 99.99% of us with those that take advantage of the system. Also, the ramifications and burden of legal EU migrants need to be addressed in addition to quantifying and dealing with the amount of document fraud in other EU countries to allow people to secure EU passports that are not EU citizens and then migrate from EU countries to the UK.

How can you plan to tackle a problem when you have no idea how big of a problem it is? According to Mr. Reid, he has no idea how big the problem is.