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I read a review that said:

Sometimes, expectations are exceeded… Welcome to that day.

I couldn’t agree more when it comes to the movie Inception. I was looking forward to it, but I didn’t get the movie I expected. I was afraid it would be a film that got more off on special effects then delving into what the real premise of the movie was. Also, with a few of those typical plot holes that most movies suffer from, there wasn’t anything glaring that you could drive a Mac truck through, thankfully. Also, while a lot of Leo DiCaprio’s characters have felt the same as of late, this one totally suited him. He also had a supporting cast that was great and seeing some talent that was familiar but in unfamiliar roles was brilliant. Obviously, Joseph Gordon-Levitt continuing his excellent stint as a character actor and would love to continue to see more from him. Elliot Page breaks out from silly quirky teenage comedies into a more mature and focused role. I could just watch Ken Watanabe all day long. The ensemble cast was great.

What I really enjoyed was that there were multiple dimensions to the movie and outside of making the mistake of drinking a bladder buster soda, I was lost in the world that was created for me, wondering where it was going and how it was going to end. It was one of the better movies in a long time the combined multiple moving parts on many levels of stories within stories since Ronin. And while like Ronin, you can argue some of the overarching plot and find holes, at the end of the movie you find yourself thoroughly entertained with more then enough to think about for a while.

What I also liked was how complete the movie was. With such a rich movie, with many locations, some totally fantasy, it was great to see all the little bits fleshed out. Like the “snow fortress” could have easily become un-complex, but running of ropes to be used as trip wires, while totally unnecessary for the plot, added a richness to the movie that was much appreciated.

I went in with moderate expectations, but came out amazed. Christopher Nolan being the writer/director is obviously a very talented man. A fully consistent world, that you would normally expect to spring from the pages of a Philip K. Dick novel and be moulded into something that is a shadow of it former self, is instead created before your very eyes, with no yawn of a start, putting you right into the middle of things without losing the audience in the process. The biggest problem is that the next Christopher Nolan film I am walking into will now compete with Inception as it’s bar, which will be a pretty damn high one.