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News of the World

I often find myself questioning the collective wisdom of the UK. The situations with the News of the World is one such moment.

The shock and disdain that the public is expounding, admittedly whipped into a fury by the very same journalistic “integrity” that NoW traded in, are shocked and horrified that the tabloid newspaper they used to turn to for salacious and scandalous news used salacious and scandalous methods to get their information. The collective air of surprise and disgust amazes me.

This whole episode only goes to disappointingly convince me the average punter is an idiot. NoW was the most widely read newspaper, that published mindless drivel and scandal, ruined peoples lives. They traded in human tragedy, scandal and misery and the UK and the rest of the world cried for more. Where there is demand there is supply, and the pressure to supply was great, including paying off cops and sneaking into peoples unsecured voice mail boxes.

Also, the public (again fed by the media and politicians) have drawn a very strong relationship between a tabloid newspaper we found out was just as scummy as we thought they were to a large multi-national corporations ability to own and manage a TV broadcaster. I just don’t get it. It is as idiotic as barring foreign immigrants because you don’t like legal EU migrants. Oh wait…