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crackpots and their free speech.

It is amazing, that in what you consider a moderm society, that you find out that certain things are not as you would expect. For example, the situation with David Irving facing up to 10 years in prison for denying the holocaust in Austria.

While personally I am disgusted at anyone denying the holocaust, or assuming the suffering that went on didn’t happen. Generally these people don’t have their heads screwed on straight and are of the same ilk the believe the black helicopters, men in black and extra terrestrials are all in a grand scheme to anal probe us. Crackpots!

Now what I find amazing is that in a modern country, part of the EU, with what you would consider modern laws doesn’t haven’t the concept of free speech. I would assume that such regulations that disallow people from freely denying something existed only flame the fires that there is some grand conspiracy to hide it. You would think respectfully objecting to someones skewed opinion would be more effective then outlawing it.

That would be like us in America making it illegal to deny that we enslaved African’s for a major part of our countries history, or that we segregated them from the rest of our society for a lot longer. The African American’s are not likely to forget this, even after generations have passed away and I doubt you find any credible person going around denying that in fact, we never did enslave them.

I personally think that freedom of speech is a corner stone of a free society and very few things should abridge it.