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This has been brewing in my mind for a while now. I see a lot of what is being said in the media about “cartoon demonstrations” and what I see is a lot of fear. I will also say that it is fear that has kept me from posting my thoughts. Especially in today’s world, what can be said in the tiny corner of the Internet can soon be heralded across the world. Some people say we are on the brink of a world war because of the Danish Cartoons and it is that fear that keeps people from speaking their mind.

But what is begging to be pointed out, and that no one seems to be saying in public, is that Islam and the muslim faith are at odds with the world, and this is not a viable situation. We have two major factors here, which are allowing this to happen. First, we have a group of people who believe they are right and everyone else is wrong. This belief is based on faith, which means it cannot be scientifically proved, therefore we have to take their word on it. Second, because they are right, they feel that they have been given violence as a recourse for dealing with those who offend or insult them.

All the media says “these aren’t the average muslims.” I want to know how many violent acts have to occur before we start to really be honest and say that it is a fundamental belief that Islam believe it is acceptable to be aggressive towards infidels. Mohammad himself expressed that the infidels should be eliminated, that they should be expelled.

In the middle ages in Europe, if someone had made a cartoon of Christ, there might have been a swift and quick reaction. But can you see people violently acting out across Europe, North and South America if someone where to do that today? Such sacrilege barely raises an eyebrow anymore. People disagree with each other and it doesn’t end up in bloodshed most of the time.

Westernized muslims for the most part have no choice but to follow this view point about their religion. It would be totally unacceptable in conversation to even suggest popping down to the local Danish consulate and throwing pipe bombs.

I would say that the average middle eastern under-educated muslim is being controlled by a mullah who feels that these sort of violent public demonstrations are what Allah would want. Should we be afraid of this, absolutely.

On the other hand, Saddam offended us, and we went over and protested right on his doorstep. Something I was VERY much against and am still afraid of the long term consequences to this day. We just did it in a more organized fashion, but we were just as self justified as those protesting these days.