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Going Down Under

After over 11 years of calling the UK my home, Simon and I are moving to Australia.

Fireworks on the Harbour Bridge in Sydney

Last year, we traveled for three months and spent about a month in Australia. We really enjoyed our time and met up with a few old friends. We had been considering moving away from the UK for a while now and our experience really solidified our resolve to explore the option.

Our biggest challenge was getting a visa, as unlike the US, UK and (currently) the rest of the EU, we didn't have a right to live and work. I was able to get a role with ThoughtWorks and they wanted to sponsor my visa. After pulling together a load of documentation, a quick five working days later, Simon and I had our visas!

Moving a household, one where you have lived in the same place for almost a decade, is no easy feat we realised. But as we sit in Heathrow Airport, waiting for our flight, everything has been bundled away and we have wound up in the UK.

When I moved from the US over 11 years ago, I was super excited, as after a 6 year relationship with Simon, we were finally getting to live with each other full-time. This journey is a little bit different. It is a mixture of excitement, but also 11 more years of living on the planet, knowing that life is as never simple and straight forward at it seemed when I was hoping in a plane to move to the UK.

Simon and I have tried to get around the parts of London we have loved over the past few weeks, and that of course reminds us that we both do actually love London. It is a great city, and while we are saying goodbye for now, it may not be forever. Who knows what life holds for us.

Anyways, the start of 2018 is a start of a new chapter in our lives.