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mini disc dud.

This article on OSNews tries to argue for Sony and Hi-MD over “mp3 players”.

I used to be a huge fan of MiniDisc, but I am afraid it has failed as a format. Mostly because it is a Sony only format and that data space has become so cheap to make it easy to invest in a single integrated device.

The article argues all of these “advantages” of the format, and I read the article thinking maybe I had missed something now converting to on OGG centric view of the world with my iAudio 20GB device. The biggest advantage I have is that I still control my media at this point. No copy protection, no need to worry about “generational encoding”. Not that I really ever plan to do anything illegal with my music (all of it ripped directly from the purchased CDs) I do like the freedom to easily move my music around by simply copying it. Sony and ATRAC don’t offer this feature.