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things that go pop in the night.

Well... I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, I just kept hoping for later. My Mitsubishi 900u monitor "blew up" yesterday. I go to restart my computer and when the screen resolution change my monitor go "zzzzzzzzzzz ch ch ch zzzzzzzzz POP" and I end up with a rather metallic smell and a nice little green blinking light on the power button. Now I am not expert, but I assume that is bad.

So now I have to take my work laptop and RDP into my home computer until I can get a new monitor. My favorite site for computer hardware is We live in a wonderful time where in a couple clicks you can change your whole life. All the little people ants start moving around and bingo, withing 24 hours you have a new monitor sitting at your doorstep. Ah!

Speaking of the marvels of modern life, I had to bow out of a family function which I really felt badly about. Do you have any idea how it is to order flowers these days? 1-800-Flowers is a god send. Click click click... and then awkward social moment solved. Same day delivery! Wowza.