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Wacko people saying they blew up their new $20 bills by microwaving the RFID tags out of them can be found here. I guess what bothers me most is that there are people out there who generate this sort of delusional psuedo-science that the great unwashed masses suck up.

Why do people a) believe anything they read and b) come up with this sort of crazyness? Does it make us feel more important to think that the grand cosmos unites to conspire against us? Do we honestly believe the governmnet has singled out its citizens as public enemy number one?

Isn't it more resonable to assume that there isn't some grand conspiracy, but instead a lot of people just as incompetent as us that are in charge, and that provides the allusion of being subversive? Our current administration ultimately isn't any smarter or has any more life experience than me, the Average Joe.

Sorry Niche, there are no supermen to come and rule us. Don't give the people in power more credit than they deserve.